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FanMix February 03, 2022 2848
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Splitting the various aspects of Joaquin Phoenix Joker’s story into separate origins not only brought this version of Joker closer to his comic counterpart but ultimately improved the overall pacing of the film, at no point did I feel that the edit was dragging on for to long unlike the theoretical edition in fact the time just flew by for me I enjoyed it that much and I gained a newfound level of appreciation for each of his character arcs which really stand out better when presented in this narrative format.

It raises all sorts of intriguing questions such as which is his true origin? are they all his true origin? or are none of his origin stories real, is this simply just him trolling the therapist for his own sadistic amusement? the sound layering and transition between scenes was near floorless with the only jarring visual cut being from the 1:07:19 hour mark to the next shot hence why I gave the edit a 9 in the Visual Editing Department.

I did encounter some visual glitches though I am convinced that they may either be the result of a downloading error or VLC Media Player acting up rather than being a problem with the edit itself, said glitches involved the picture freezing and distorting for a few brief seconds before going back to normal though as to when they occurred it’s hard to pinpoint specific timestamps but there was one in Clowning Around, two in Happy and three in That’s Life.

I dought the glitches are a problem with said edit as I stated up above though I'd thought I'd bring it up anyway, this edit is a near replaceable alternative to watching the theatrical cut for me.

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Owner's reply March 20, 2022

Thank you for your review. I agree the cut at 1:07:19 is a bit abrupt, I just couldn't find a better way of cutting the dialogue there. Regarding the glitches, I took another look at the file but didn't see anything, I think it's probably an issue with your media player.

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