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Quick review: I did my own take on this and stayed accurate to the graphic novel but what Wakeupeo did here was sacrifice a bit of the "accuracy" of the adaptation for some creative freedom and it absolutely works. Some purists might object to some of his changes but personally I think he did a fantastic job adapting Alan Moore's vision into something better suited for the small screen, even keeping some of the scenes created for the adaptation (although not from the awful first 30 minutes, mind you). The Killing Joke is almost impossible to adapt because it is so deeply rooted in comic book language that you have no choice but to take some creative liberties to have a riveting adaptation. One of the things that annoyed me the most in the original adaptation is Joker's song - it works great in the graphic novel but animated and sung? It completely destroys the tension and makes the scene comical. Wakeupeo boldly chose to remove the song altogether and... it works great. And the way he did it is clever, too. So in conclusion, I'd say if you're a purist, watch my adaptation but if you want the superior emotional uppercut that the Killing Joke story is, go with this one.
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