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Just when I thought everything had been said, fanedit-wise, about the Killing Joke movie, along comes Wakeupkeo with a fresh take that gives the source a very different feel by changing the score. Which was a stroke of genius: the score of the live-action Joker film gives the story the sinister, oppressive tones that were sorely lacking in the animated movie due to the overall generic approach it took. And it makes all the difference in the world. I also highly admired the solution that has been found for the issue of the musical number. That was a stroke of genius.

A previous reviewer has commented on the alleged bad, tinny sound quality. I, however, found no issue with the audio whatsoever. If anything, the music might at times be a tiny bit too loud in comparison to the dialogue, but that's a necessary compromise in order to get rid of the remains of the original score, and far from a deal-breaker at all. I listened to it throuh headphones, though, so no idea about how it sounds in a home cinema setup with all the bells and whistles, but personally I found nothing tinny about it. It was consistently solid, as was the video.

The only issue I might have with this is the decision to keep the carny fight scene. I discussed it with Wakeupkeo and I understand and respect the reasons for keeping it, but it still feels to me like a completely conventional bit from any run-of-the-mill Batman story shoehorned into a very unconventional one. Other than that, while this is not a book cut, it does feel a lot like the graphic novel, mostly thanks to the score. A great edit, and a bad movie made less bad indeed.
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