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I had previously seen this footage in ADigitalMan's Escape From New York Extended Edition. It's basically the same thing here, the story of how Snake ends up under the thumb of the Feds. As much as that film is pretty B-rate, it has a great charm and Carpenter manages to hide the low budget and add some fun dialogue and characterization. He doesn't really pull it off here though, as whatever "plan" there is for stealing from the Federal Reserve seems to entail basically just walking out and getting on the subway. haha You can see why this was cut.

The footage itself looks pretty bad. There's not a lot Bobson could do to clean it up (I know, I spent hours trying to do it with the EFNY EE fanedit) but it should be noted. The audio sounds great though, and is honestly the best part here. Bobson presents this with the same titles, music, and style of the original Carpenter film, so if you're a fan and haven't seen the deleted scenes, here's a fun way to watch. I also really appreciate him making use of the VIDEO tab on here, which not a lot of faneditors do!

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