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September 25, 2010

Just finished watching this. I had been meaning to watch it for a long time, but, as much as I love bad/good action movies, there are some that are just plain bad. This movie was one of them. I saw it once when it came out, and realized how crappy it was. However, over the years, being involved in the fan edit community, I began to wonder if this could be saved. Personally, I’m not a religious person, so the entire plot is something i don’t care for regardless of how bad the film itself is. However, i knew I’d never know for sure until i gave this fan cut a watch, if this film could be salvagable, and I’m glad I did.

UA, you saved Terminator 3 for me, something I thought was never possible. Now you’ve saved End of Days, something i REALLY thought was impossible. Sure, like T3, the runtime cuts it so short that it’s barely a movie, but if there’s one thing fan edits have taught me, is that quality is better than quantity. It’s amazing how much better the film works by showing everything from Arnold’s perspective. There’s a ton of other little things you did that I should give praise for, but honestly, the little easter agg at the end where you point out the things wrong with the film originally says it all.

I still have to watch the True Lies Fan Edit, and I’m not sure if anyone has decided to tackle an Eraser fan edit, or the 6th Day (or even Collateral Damage for that matter), but if those films ever get fan edited, it sure will be nice to have every Arnold movie in my dvd collection. Arnold was the end-all be-all for me as a child. If I wasn’t watching him, I was watching Stallone. So it hurts me that the latter portion of Arnold’s career is completely full of duds. However, you UA, have restored my faith in Arnold as a star. Cheers!!!
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