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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
June 19, 2009

JAWS – The Sharksploitation Edit by The Man Behind The Mask – PAL DVD

This is beautifully made FanEdit. It’s greatest asset, while still show a heathy respect for the original, is that it is very funny.

The opening title credit is hilarious.

I laughed out-loud numerous times and being a fan of the original, it somehow felt like a new movie. The use of Lalo Schifrin’s Jaws theme is excellent. Lalo’s disco-funk version works a treat and really sets the tone for what the FanEditor wanted to achieve with this Sharksploitation cut.

The surfer girl sequence is brilliant. Just brilliant.

I was interested in how the amazing speech by Robert Shaw would be handled and I must say it was very satisfying. The slow fade back to colour is a great touch.

The FanEditor’s imagination, detail and humour are on clear display. JAWS – The Sharksploitation Edit does not lag because every moment has received the same amount of care and attention.

Having watched the whole thing with pleasure, the FanEditor ends this grind-house masterwork with a totally new ending, which does not disappoint. In fact, it is inspired.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. It is a great version, which any fan of the original movie will love to see.I am sure Speilberg would love it too because it expresses nothing but love for the original.

This FanEdit goes straight into my top five list.

10/10 Superb! Get your car out and go to the drive-in, pronto!!
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