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June 19, 2009

I am glad that this edit was reviewed by someone else (Mollo) before I typed up mine. I had given a bit of input towards this edit and I sometimes feel that people will assume since you helped out on an edit, your review will be biased in its favor. This edit deserves every bit of praise that I am about to go into below

The whole idea of editing a true classic sends shivers down the spine of many. The whole idea of taking this one step further and turning a classic into a drive-in grindhouse feature might send the rest running. Admittingly I was a bit skeptical at first but, TMBTM had some interesting ideas and anything I came up with that I thought might help I sent over to him.

With quite a bit of skill and some very ingenious ideas TMBTM turned a classic into a very successful grindhouse feature

The opening alone is very reminiscent of many older Italian Jaws- rip-off films
that sprung up from the late 70’s to the early 80’s, and the fun joy it may bring to some of you who like that type of cinema. He captures this feeling within the first 5 seconds. I knew viewing the preview disc I was going to be in for a nice treat.

He did not just take Jaws and edit it down adding in film noise and damage. He literally went scene by scene and re-traced the original with an equalivalant low budget drive in version using most of the original film and a variety of other sources. He also enhanced this by using quite a number of deleted scenes, documentary footage and clips from other films to create new scenes entirely. On top of this, add in a completely original and new ending that came out of left field will have you yelling in your seats! This all sums up for a sure fire hit for the summer of fanediting!!!

TMBTM’s particular attention to even the smallest detail is evident with the slightest change of lighting, color tints, unfocused camera and many more that most people might not even pick up the first time around. You can see this is someone who truly enjoyed the work they were creating, and spared no expense in doing what they had to in order to bring this overall visual experience to the screen and make it work

The audio is amazing and when TMBTM told me of some of his preferred audio choices, I was under the impression that this might fall into a heavy metal slasher kill deal. That thought of mine was very far from the truth. The music he chose (or actually what parts) was incredible because it really fit that 1970’s to 80’s atmosphere this edit was bringing across

His menus were also clever and I am sure some of you will be sitting there when this begins wondering what the hell is going on only to catch the joke and laugh along a few seconds later.

The final disc I saw had a nice bonus clip that you should watch after you view the film; otherwise you are spoiling something for yourself.
I am very proud to have helped out in any way that I could for this edit and I am hope the rest of you will find it as entertaining as I have.

Now crap some popcorn, dim the lights and watch the screen!

10 out of 10
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