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August 6, 2009

JAWS – The Sharksploitation Edit by THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK

review by boon23

I feel I am a bit late to the party, yet I did not get to watching this fanedit until just today. The last time I watched JAWS is about 5 years ago, so I could get in fresh (which was for this fanedit not so necessary though). Now everyone so far was praising this fanedit, which kind of held my expectations for it very high. I was watching the PAL DVD.

As for all my reviews: this is just my personal opinion of this fanedit. I cannot tell anybody else, if he or she will experience it in the same way or the opposite. So my review is not objective and does not reflect the opinion of

!!!!This review contains heavy spoilers!!!

The edit:
It’s as special as it gets, from the very intro beginning (including a cute Rob Schneider scene) to the very ending (where I was almost waiting for someone to yell “Willy”). This fanedit was not at all created to be taken seriously and that is the fun of it. It takes a masterpiece of movie history and turns it not just to trash, but to an over-the-top watching experience that only works so well, BECAUSE the original is such a well known masterpiece. It has a few thrilling moments, yet thrill is not what it is about. This is about entertainment and surprise. Surprise what happens next and how. It contains loads of gruesome shark killings and also loads of painfully long and akward scenes. But the mix is just right. Now I could have done with less artificial dust that in dark scenes almost looked like it was snowing and I can’t say this added anything to the movie that a washed out look would not have added probably better. Yet this is about the only true complaint I have. Other than that there is a scene with a sailor outside, where there is no background nice, which sounds a bit strange and the deleted scenes are a bit too clearly noticable. The orca ending came as surprise and was needed to really get the final blow to tell me that I am NOT AT ALL WATCHING JAWS.
This is a special fanedit and as such it is a piece of fanediting art to me. Daring. Creative. And an incredible load of work. I bow deeply to TMBTM for the concept and the final edit.
Did I love it? No. But I liked it a lot.
editing: 10 of 10
entertainment: 8 of 10 (original 10 of 10)

Image and video quality:
Video quality was good, the image has too much artificial dirt IMO. The deleted scenes were too clearly spottable.
Video quality: 6 of 10

Audio editing and audio quality:
The audio editing was very good, there was one scene, where background noieses should have been added.
audio editing: 10 of 10
sound quality: 7 of 10
resulting in a 9 of 10 for overall audio

The DVD comes with a still but nice menu with no sound. The presentation of a drive-in cinema is hillarious. The font for the intro and end credits is something to get used to. It’s neatly animated in the beginning. The bonus features are nice addition, although not too much. The chapter menu is very simple. There is fitting cover art attached.
Overall the presentation of this fanedit is very nice.
resulting in a 9 of 10 for overall presentation

Final result: 9 of 10
I recommend watching this fanedit.
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