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June 27, 2010

Behind the times as usual, but my goodness was this worth the wait. For this review, bear in mind that I watched WotS first. I do know this one was released first but…what can you do?

As with War of the Stars, a lot of the cuts here worked fine. The only scene I remember missing was the whole “You yell barracuda…but you yell shark” scene, but everything else flowed fine. The opening credits to the first attack was very effective. The end, which I won’t spoil (since it wasn’t his sled) floored me…I disctintly remember being ready to fall asleep (not because the edit was boring…it was quite late when I watched this) and the end had me cheering. I really wasn’t sure how you were going to end it, but it was brilliant. I’d also like to applaud you for the placement of the missing reel…that was really the only scene I didn’t like in Jaws, and now it’s gone. Cheers!

Two additions I didn’t really care for: the scene with Quint harassing the kid in the music store and the alternate version of Hooper’s arrival with the guy babbling all over the dock. The first didn’t really add to the story, and the second was just annoying. The version that was used in the film was better in my opinion.

Overall, an excellent effort. The presentation was great, video and audio were suitably crappy (in a good way). As with War of the Stars, if the original Jaws had been released in a similar form to this, it still would have been a decent film. Maybe not the summer blockbuster it had become, but still a damn fine effort. Speaking of which, a damn fine effort from TMBTM once again,

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