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LS has decided to take Jaws 2 and try to drive it more to the slasher film it sort of always has been.

He added a new warmer color grading to give it a more 80's feel but I personally enjoyed this color variation and it reminded me of really nice bright beach weather days. I would love to see the normal version of Jaws 2 with this color grading change

The shark eats way more than a normal shark would. In fact because it blatantly hunts down people, eats more than it could possibly consume and has an intelligence enough to understand how to separate and pull boats apart (for its own benefit), this shark is more like a monster. Add now a disfiguring bad burn on half the side of its face (which was from the re-ordered speed boat scene which now opens the film), and we have our psycho killer with a temper. So this part works

The problem I have is I still don't see it exactly as a slasher film. Williams score music is too damn good and almost suspenseful rather than going into the horror realm (well at times) to give me a feeling of a slasher horror movie, even though the shark is clearly treated as such a character. Wonder if the feeling would be different (and if it were even possible) to use another film score (say from Friday the 13th) and see if it changes the tone a bit more?

That being said:: as an alternate, streamlined and completely suspenseful, fast moving and different telling of the film, this works as gold!!! I highly recommend checking this out

I have not yet listened to the commentary track but looking forward to it.
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