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Jaws 2 never came close to the cult status of its predecessor, but still has sufficient bite. It has very good sequences, some very genuine shocks, different storylines and also interesting new characters. But nothing compared to Roy Scheider RIP.

Now let's go back to the initial fan edit review... First I want to give Ridgeshark a big round of applause. I mean the level of commitment to finding the delete scenes and then putting them in the theatrical version, it's just simply amazing. Honestly, I did not follow the editing process, but how on earth did he find the old Brazilian CIC VHS and the TV edition footage. And then finally turning them into decent-looking HD footage is simply top-notch.

I really enjoyed all the extended and alternate scenes. In particular the additional underwater shark attack on the helicopter pilot and where chief Brody drives Ellen to work and gives her boss a parking ticket.

Regarding now the technical aspects, the deleted and extended scenes are well put together and they don't have a negative effect on the whole movie. Sure, you could argue that the formats are different, but this is a fan edit and it should be enjoyed and treated as such.

Thank you Ridgeshark for the opportunity to watch your fan edit and to give me a new viewing experience. I guess I can now frame my laserdisc version on the wall :)

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