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Special Projects December 14, 2021 2775
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I have been a Ray Harryhausen fan all my life. But I'm not blind to the fact that, in the non-stop-motion parts, these movies don't always have the best pacing. "Jason" is not the worst at that (looking at you, "The Valley of Gwangi"), but in any case, this B+ Movie edition kept me so highly entertained all through that it was over before I even realized. Not a dull moment, not a wasted bit. This is pretty much what should have been released back in 1963. So very entertaining! And while I don't think the effects themselves needed any kind of fixing, I love how they flow here. They move more naturally now, but they don't feel tweaked at all, they still have that old-timey flavor. If Harryhausen has to be retouched, this is the way.

Needless to say, as usual with the Scribbling edits, video and audio and encoding are first-rate. And being the big classic film fan that I am, I'll always welcome more edits of this sort (Harryhausen or otherwise). A real joy to watch!
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