January 2020 FEOTM: Final Run-off

After recently drawing in the FEOTM poll, Zarius and Problem Eliminator have managed to draw yet again during the run-off! Alas, we’re intent on seeing a winner here…

Given the unusual circumstances and the limited number of votes, we will be having a second run-off, but would like to encourage the community to vote regardless of whether they have seen an edit or not. To aid you in this decision our two competing editors, Zarius and Problem Eliminator, have shared clips that they feel best demonstrate their work on the relevant edit; these are available on the official poll thread for ease of viewing.

Naturally, if you are a member of the community, have not yet seen one or both of the edits and own the source, please consider viewing them to aid in casting your vote.

Happy voting!


Rocketman: Diamond Edition

Rocketman: Diamond Edition by Problem Eliminator

X-Men: Dead Phoenix

X-Men: Dead Phoenix by Zarius


This poll will last 10 days and close on 5th April.

To view scenes from the edits and cast your vote, visit our forums here. 


Please note:

  • Faneditors are not allowed to vote for their own edit.
  • Faneditors are not allowed to solicit votes by PMing users or promoting the poll in other forums or social sites.
  • Voting is limited to active members who have been registered for more than a month and have a minimum of 5 posts.