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Before I asked for this film I didn't read the entirety of the cutlist nor did I follow the progress. I have the film in my collection but I can't remember the last time I took it down from the shelf so I thought my memory would be a litte hazy.

I liked the re-arranging of the boat chase to after the credits, I always felt the pacing was a bit too long for a pre-credit sequence compared to other films in the series, I felt the fade to the credit seemed slightly abrupt but it was the best that could be managed given how the rest of the scene plays out.

That said the post credits from Millennium dome to the Funeral worked particularly well and I enjoyed the rest of the film. I couldn't remember the helicopter sequence too well, But I as others have stated could see a transition had taken from the visual clues in bond's appearance. In my head I knew what had transpired but I chose to ignore it for the sake of storytelling.

That's one thing I particularly like about this edit, the cheesy quips and one liners have gone, so is the worst of Denise Richard's performance and some equally hammy acting from Goldie. Everyone has a role to play and they more or less set about doing it, character motivations are clear. We don't need to see that Renard is impervious to pain (except emotional) because it feels like a retread of Stamper from Tomorrow never Dies.

I disagree with the other review that the jacket has no pay off, it feels like one of the sillier gadgets that would have been seen in the background of another bond or spy movie. So it silencing John Cleese was it's own pay off. :D

I do wish I had read up on the second audio track having the original closing track, I would have swapped it in an instant. I didn't need a friendly reminder that Robbie desperately wanted to play the next bond. But knowing Lapis did put the option there for people means I can't penalize him for it.

It's a fun edit and definitely easier to watch than the theatrical cut. Yes I recommend it.

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