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(Updated: October 18, 2020)
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I was anxiously anticipating this Bond after watching Last Survivor's amazing edit of License To Kill. I was not disappointed.

I think Dalton presented a much more accurate Bond than any of his predecessors. That's not saying the others weren't good. I personally felt that he matched the perception that I had in my head of Bond after reading several books. He set the stage for the best Bond. Craig.

The original movie was kind of heavy on cheese and Dalton seemed a bit stiff. However, I still felt that it was quite good.

Lapis Molari certainly had a vision for this movie. Everything that was changed was excellent. Seamless. If I hadn't seen the original, I would have thought the movie was meant to be as thus edit. For me it was. I felt like the action was relentless, non-stop. It felt more like a modern Bond movie than a classic. I sensed a change in the score in several places that kept the action realistic and moving. Dalton certainly seemed less wooden.

It is a huge improvement on the original. This will be the version that I watch when I marathon Bond again. Excellent work from Lapis Molari, as usual.

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