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Dalton although not quite marmite, is still a Bond that divides the fans. I think he would have a more regarded if he stayed till Goldeneye, but history played out differently. Anyway, I've always thought The Living Daylights was a massive improvement from the Moore films (especially the final few), but yet I also believe the Dalton films in general needed to be cut down quite a bit as they suffer from being too bloated and this is what this edit improves on. Much of the cheesy jokes that seem to have lingered on since the final Moore years are removed to further mark the change that this is a different Bond with a different style and I liked that. It feels as if Dalton is actually the real middle man to the Bronson years, but he shouldn't be simply be regarded as that since he carries off Bond's persona in a much more calculated way. He has the British charm that is neither Moore's early years or Bronson and he has holds that same British humour as a classic Connery.

As for the edit itself, I found that the pacing actually brought out both the narrative suspense and Dalton's Bond. The cuts are seamless and the audio is spot on. I thought the Necros fight scenes were quicker than usual and built the scene up, but I may be wrong. Whitaker's final scenes are definitely sped up. If I was going to watch a Dalton Bond film again then I would simply choose this edit over the original for the pacing in general. I also didn't think you could also make the introduction more of a jump scare than what it is, but you somehow managed it. Well done!

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