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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
May 27, 2010

I like the idea, and I like most of the new music selection used and the way it all developed (if some of it is not perfectly timed). Yet the technical quality of the DVD authoring was sorely lacking. A motion blur-like “effect” was present all through it, no doubt courtesy of Canopus ProCoder, and the end credits fail, interrupt, and mix themselves with a defective menu screen.

As for the video edit, pretty well done overall, but I felt that some character aspects could have been “EONized” as well. I mean, cutting the lines of “buddy” Q saying he missed Bond, or “dumb” Moneypenny’s “Ooh!” in her first scene (thankfully we lost her “be careful”), and the likes. Also, I detested what you did to the motorcycle chase, cutting back and forth from the car to the bike again and again and again. Looked like the work of a kid who had just discovered Windows Movie Maker and was trying to show off, sorry. Everything else, I liked fine.

With a better DVD, this might have been a 7, or even an 8. Due to technical issues, I can’t rate it higher than a 5.
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