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FanMix July 01, 2021 1966
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Extremely well realized "purist" cut that renders the Muschietti diptych as close to the book as it is likely possible. If this is the structure that helps it work on screen the best is subject to debate, though, as there are bits in which it is apparent that the filmmakers intended a different structure, and to be honest the pacing would have some room for improvement. That is, however, beyond the intentions of this edit, which as a "book cut" is an astounding success. Editing is invisible both regarding video and audio, and special attention has been applied to details such as the font used for the chapter headings, the same seen in the most iconic printing of the book. I particularly enjoyed the cut from young Bill shooting the fake Georgie to the Ritual of Chüd and back again, and the parallel cutting of both films' climaxes. A/V quality is high, though both the 8GB and the 16GB files have small video rendering glitches at the start and present slight artifact in the darkest areas. Very good job overall, which will leave Stephen King die-hards very satisfied, even if I'm not fully convinced that this is the best form these movies can play if approached purely as cinema.
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