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Some say Iron Man 2 is one of the worst MCU films. To me, the theatrical IM2 isn't as great as the rest of this particular cinematic universe but it isn't as terrible as people complain it to be. Iron Man's sequel did though have its flaws as any other film does whether small nor big. Personally I do agree that IM2 may be one of MCU's least best, but it isn't that horrible in the end. Believe me, there are way worse films that exist. Ishtar anyone???

Now we get to the core of it. (Get the pun? lol)

This edit is much more desirable than it's theatrical counterpart. More focus on the actual story and less corniness. We now care even more for the characters, as they are fleshed out further. Especially Black Widow's first ever appearance in the MCU stands out better than before.

I do not wanna spoil anything for the ones who haven't viewed this edit yet, but the deleted scenes back in and the new end credits are a fantastic touch. I am very pleased with this fan edit.

Thanks for the great work and hopefully more MCU edits to come.

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