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Iron Man 2 has long been one of those films of the MCU(along with The Incredible Hulk) that I desperately wanted to like but simply couldn't because of the overall product.Now thanks to the Tomahawk editon of IH and for IM 2,At the core of it,I can really keep revisiting these films without pulling myself through the theatrical releases themselves.

The narrative here is much more substantial than the one the theatrical release tried to present.We know straight off even before the titles that Tony is suffering from Palladium posioing and that it is the main "villain" of the film,not Hammer and not Whiplash.The 10 mins cut too add a significant feeling of "Lightness" to the film as you don't feel like the film is going on endlessly.The transitions(while apparent at times) are for the most part not abrupt and don't hinder one's viewing experience of the film(except the one that comes immediately after the aftermarth of the battle at stark expo).Justin Hammer also seems more imposing as a threat instead of a silly goofball who you wondered established a weapons industry(I still enjoy his comedic quips that were there in the theatrical release but they take away from the immersion in the movie).Last but not the least,the post-titles scene has got to be the best thing in this edit,I mean when I first saw the deleted scene just as itself it seemed hopeless wanting to see it incorporated into the film as i believed it would take too much time and effort for someone to do it,but lapis molari manges this too and gives us the opening we were looking forward to from the trailers nearly 10 years ago.
Also the movie benefits immensly from the removal several of Tony-Pepper scenes,I believe that was one of the several aspects that ultimately ended up ruining Iron Man 2 for me and I'm glad it's been kept to a minimum here.
The only deleted scene I found not worthy of inclusion(but included here) was the "Nanoball" scene,The CGI is very very apparent(and unfinished) and I am sure that there was no way for it to be masked but completely removing it would have been better,In my opinion of course.

All in all,A great Fanedit(Very Grateful for the subtitles,makes it feel more "Official") and a worthy replacement of my Blu-Ray Disc of my MCU Collection.

P.S:Loved the Inclusion of "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor's Hammer",it works perfectly as a mid-credits scene.

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