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I'll keep this simple. Any narrative faults still present in this edit either stem from the sometimes inevitable cheesy writings of the CW shows or that this is not an actual standalone story but an in-media res narrative of many ongoing tv shows ( Vixen for example, has no proper introduction into the narrative. She just appears in the last half-an hour as one of the Legends, obviously because the CW was saving money by having Maisie Richardson-Sellers only appear in the crossover as part of a proper Legends episode).
However, all the narrative edits made to condense the story were made for the better. From my previous watch of the full event, I remember the Stein subplot, but I have no recollection of the Kid Flash one at all.

The new opening credit are not very flashy, but I like how it makes it feel like a movie. The closing credits however, are a mish-mash of all the tv credits sequence so it's a nitpick for me. I would have preferred an original closing credit, but I understand that it's a lot more work for something that was more of a quick job.

If you don't care for the Arrowverse, this isn't the edit to sway you. if you already like it, this is a great edit that keeps all the important bits. Recommended.

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