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TV-to-Movie December 13, 2017 5918
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Keeping it simple: I wanted to relive some of the Arrowverse's peak moments and this edit gave me exactly that. Bob's DCTV edits are legendary but somehow I never got around to them, but I'm so far correcting this. Managed to watch this all the way through this week, and while the Arrow episode was still my favorite content within, having it all in one easy to digest film made it blow by so quickly that I never gave much thought to where the episodes were stopping and starting. Obvious moments aside.

As for cuts? I have no idea, I can't remember the last time I watched this crossover, let alone yanked a DCTV show off the shelf to rewatch (partially thanks to HBOmax haha). Can't tell what's changed, all I know is this is 100% what I wanted and expected when I thought to myself "I should check out BionicBob's DCTV movie edits'. That's all that matters.
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