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Well I am not the biggest fan of Ragnarok I am a fan of Thor Odinson and keeping the focus of these MCU Films around the mighty God Of Thunder certainly gave me a greater appreciation for his character arc as the removal of most of Infinity Wars and Endgames other character related events not only improved the pacing allowing Thor's character to properly grow in both power and character development but it makes the last two current Avengers Film entries in the franchise easier to follow for Thor fans who might struggle to get invested in the long series of MCU movies that don’t have any narrative relation to him.

Most watching the edit can probably figure out that Thanos arrival would cause worldwide chaos which would cause other superheroes to defend the planet hence there is little need to spend that much time with them time for which was rightfully devoted to good old Thor and his preparation followed by revenge against Thanos and I like how in this edit it was Thor who was the one to end Thanos and not Stark as given all the hell the Dark Elves, Thanos Henchman and Thanos himself put Thor and his family through seeing him be decapitated by the one he tortured and wronged felt so cathartic and the exclusion of Fat Thor was truly a blessing.

I can definitely understand the removal of most of the Hela scenes and as to where the undead army came from well given how she’s the goddess of death one could just naturally assume that she called them fourth from Nifheim, well there’s definitely some stuff from Raganarok that has never quite gelled with me there are definitely some good moments in it and as much I dislike the Sakaar segments tonally the choice to focus more on them rather than the Hela segments allows this fan edit to maintain it’s goal on keeping the focus on Thor and to some extent Loki as well as such for those looking for a streamlined Thor experience this edit is definitely for you.

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