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This is a really cool idea and well executed. Seeing events of multiple film storylines in ensemble Marvel films from one perspective is something I'd love to see more of.

A few notes if there's ever future versions:

1) Big edit: go ahead and tell Thor's whole story through Endgame. Yeah, it will have quite a bit longer runtime, but I think this would benefit from the whole character arc.

2) Moderate edit: Music! Most of this edit is Ragnarok which has an incredible score by Mark Mothersbaugh that combines electronic with orchestral. replacing some of the score from Infinity War with score from Ragnarok might be a nice way to make the story being told in this fan edit more cohesive as the change in style is somewhat disjointed.

On that same note, I'm also in the camp that when Thor arrives on Earth to fight Thanos instead of the Avengers theme (as we hear in the original movie), it should be Immigrant Song (as seen in this video ). On the one hand, that would tie in with Thor's story in Ragnarok, though that would also mean having the song play for a 3rd time in this edit, which might over do it. I'd be interested to know what others think. Some other options could be finding an orchestral remix of Immigrant Song, or using the main theme from Ragnarok ( ).

That all said, I don't know much about sound editing so that could be a herculean effort for all I know.

3) Small edits: When the story gets to Infinity War there are some moments that don't really add to "Thor's story" as it were. For instance:

The scene where Starlord and Gamora are making out and hear the Asgardian SOS message is pretty abrupt. You get the end of Ragnarok then just BAM 2 characters not introduced in this movie kissing. I'd say either at least give an establishing shot of The Milano floating in space or cut the scene entirely. Heck, you could consider cutting straight to the Guardians arriving at the desolation of the Asgardian ship and finding Thor, although the prior scene does do a good job introducing Rocket and Groot, who have in important role in the rest of Infinity Thor.

The heartfelt scene of Wanda having to kill Vision and then seeing him die again at Thanos' hand isn't so heartfelt with the rest of their story not being included in this version of the movie. Cut it and skip right to Thanos pulling the mind stone out of Vision and Thor attacking Thanos.

Edit: I forgot to mention in my original review I actually really enjoyed seeing all the Nidavellir cut together. In Infinity War it was probably the least interesting plotline in my opinion so whenever the movie would cut to Thor's crew it seemed kind of dull. That said, in this fan edit it's just a piece of Thor's overall journey and really doesn't take up too much time.

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Did you watch to the end of the credits for the Endgame footage?

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