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Growing up a comic book reader, there are two things that I got used to: a shared universe and big crossover events. Characters from other books would come into the book that you're following for a page or a story before going back into their own. You didn't have to know everything about them, just that they shared the same universe which made it all seem so much bigger. Then every so often, there would a company-wide event. Not every character would be a part of the main driving plot, but they would be affected by it. Which is how we wound up with Daredevil fighting a possessed vacuum cleaner. When done right, those side stories would be just as compelling, if not more so than the main plot. Until the advent of platforms like Marvel Unlimited and Comixology where everything is at your fingertips, you had to be lucky enough that your FLCBS carried all the floppies of that particular event AND that you had enough money to get them all. Otherwise, you had to pick and chose which particular storylines and characters that you were going to follow.

All of that is to say that Infinity Thor reminds me of those days growing up before every comic was at my fingertips in the best possible way. Clearly, there is more to the story than is on the screen, but the narrative does not lack for it, In the first half, everything that happens on Asgard after Hela exiles Thor only comes through Heimdall's eyes and Valkyrie's story. We don't actually see Hela reigning over Asgard, and while I enjoyed Cate Blanchett's performance, she is all the more terrifying for it. Like the shark in Jaws, she has become more formidable through her absence. For the second half, we know that Thanos is out collecting stones, but we don't actually need to see it to enjoy the story being presented. In the first act, Mjolnir is destroyed, so it must be replaced to face this new threat. Following the rest of the Thanos plot would add depth to the world, but really, all we need to know is that Thor needs a new hammer.

I would definitely recommend this edit. It's highly enjoyable and well-worth your time. The editing was clean, and there were no discernible moments that took me out of the film.

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