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I'm not a big fan of this cut mainly due to Ragnarok and its tone clashing with the tones of Infinity War and Endgame scenes.
Granted, it's just my personal opinion since everything else is well done for the most part.
The editing and audio editing were great and seemly for the most part. The Ragnarok scene switching to infinity war felt odd since it was just used a shot of the starlord and gamora kissing before switching back to the beginning of the scene. It felt odd but was probably the best he can do since they forgot to show the fight in the first place in the actual film.
If you love or like Ragnarok and want more Thor, you may enjoy this edit a lot more than me.
But if you don't like Ragnarok, You shouldn't really be watching this...

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(Updated: January 29, 2021) January 29, 2021
I haven't watched this yet, but I'm curious about the narrative score you gave. Enjoyment is purely subjective, but the narrative score is usually based on some technical aspects. A score that low would make me think that the narrative has no coherent flow and leaves the viewer confused about what is happening. Could you share more about your score of 3 out of 10 in that area?
(Updated: February 04, 2021) February 04, 2021
I'd ignore the dislikes dude, they did the same with me when I dared critique the first half for still being the terrible movie it actually is. I respect your score even if I'd rank it just a bit higher. The edit is fine and the second half is still great
February 04, 2021
"Was this review helpful?"
Thor: Ragnarok fans- "No, it didn't like my movie! Any reasons for not liking Ragnarok are BS! It is a barrel of laughs and any edit using its material must also receive hi-marks across the board!"
<hammers thumbs down furiously>
Everyone else- "Hmm, this guy didn't like Ragnarok much and explained how that material did and didn't work in this edit. Pretty useful."
<calmly presses thumbs up while drinking their coffee>
3 results - showing 1 - 3