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FanMix January 28, 2022 1851
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You're better off just watching the movies separately .
The transitions in Infinity War section were praiseworthy. They were seriously super smooth. I loved that the audio editing was just perfect and seamless for each transition into a new scene. However I must say the the runtime of the whole movie is way too long. The average movie being around 2 hours. This edit was described as cutting Non Peter Parker scenes, but the only scenes that were mainly cut were that of the Vulture's lair. It helped the run time and cut some of the filler fluff in the movie, but I feel more could have been cut such as more shots with Happy and Vulture to keep the run time shorter. Re-inserting the extended deleted cell phone opening just made it drag out even more. Homecoming already has too much filler to begin with. It's also missing the ending where Peter gets his suit back and Aunt May finds out he's Spider-Man which is important for later movies. Tacking Infinity War onto Homecoming just didn't enhance the viewing experience especially since 99% of the Infinity War sections is just about Tony. Because of it's long run time I just can't see anyone watching this whole movie in one go. Good work on the Infinity War transitions section, but Homecoming and Infinity war just don't flow into each other at all.

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