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I remember watching the original and my only complaint about it was Willie Scott herself who I really couldn't but this edit doesn't literally change her character but makes her more tolerable and kinda see her in a softer light but she is still annoying and useless but in her defense, she is a damsel-in-distress archetype since this movie is obviously an homage to classic adventure movies like King Kong and she isn't the first female that Indy bicker and argue so I could forgive her character but not her personality nor the actress performance (and nepotism too lol). Because Willie Scott is in the entire movie, this toned-down version of her makes this movie experience less of a chore/endurance test and more fun and campy on her part. Surprisingly my only complaint is the edited-out parts of outdated SFXS scenes which are like as I said about the movies is part of the fun and campy theme of the movie which might upset some purists who expected a more conservative fan edit (and who hates Willie Scott too) and feels like the movie is censored especially at the Kali Ma scene but nevertheless, it does not affect the flow of the movie.

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