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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
November 28, 2009

I’d like to give this edit a 10/10 but…. well it’s Temple of Doom and no matter how remarkable and outstanding this edit makes Temple it’s still… Temple of Doom

ID did a tremendous job in rearranging the first scenes: The opening scene with Indy and his comrades passing through the Jungle with no dialog adds an aura of mystery and leaves the viewer eager to uncover what happened and how Indy got there – it is similar to the opening of Raiders with the exception that this time we are told what happened. Not to mention that this gets rid of the most atrocious Indy-openings ever (yes even beating American Graffity chase across the gopher’s hill)
Granted the flasback runs pretty long for a flashback, but i did only notice that because i accidentially moved the mouse and the progress bar of the player came in sight which made me wondering: wow that’s a pretty long sequence – other than that the cuts are well placed and the indy feel keeps on going.

I didn’t even notice the removal of the “ripping-out-the-heart” scene in the beginning as nothing of the story or threat for the characters gets lost by this removal, quite the contrary: we don’t know what they plan for Indy so this uncertainty has a similar effect as knowing what terrible things will happen if they fail

of course shortround is not really an outstanding character and will always be … the jar jar binks of indiana jones but ID has done the best to reduce his campyness

the only thing that bugged me – and this is a fault of the original – was the constant red lighting, it would be nice if someone tried a color corrected version where the oversaturated red is toned down of this fabulous work

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