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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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March 2, 2009

i share two critiques of this edit with throw – 1> lets see a damn heart ripped out. this is (for me) almost the entire reason why this cult is portrayed as evil… it really moves the story along. and 2> the introductory scene flip flop was distracting. perhaps it would work better to disperse the willy introduction throughout their trek through the jungle? i dunno.

other than those two mentions, i REALLY enjoyed this edit. minimizing willie, short round and all the cheesiness REALLY pays out here (and much better than ADM’s more merciful edit).

i still miss some of the dinner scene. (this seems necessary to set the tone for indy showing up with fruit at willie’s door, too.) …but… i can see why both ADM and infodroid have chosen to remove it.

a really did enjoy temple of doom again and now that i’m not 9 this is a huge accomplisment! (LOL) thanks, infodroid!

entertainment 8
fanediting 9
video 9
audio 10
original 6
fanedit 8

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