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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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June 21, 2008

Overall I thought it was really good, and I liked most of the edits.

VIDEO QUALITY: Video was very nice. crisp, no issues with any of the cuts. Easy 5 out of 5

AUDIO QUALITY: Overall it was pretty good. There were a few instances where it seemed like the levels were off. Once instance the dialog was extremely quiet. This only lasted briefly. There were a couple of other times that seemed exceedingly loud. Other than that it was good. there was a minor sync issue also that started about halfway through the film, but it was not really distracting. i noticed no cuts at all, and it all flowed very nicely. 4 out of 5

EDITING / STORYTELLING: I really liked most of the cuts. The intro was pretty cool to set the tone, however it was a little strange when it flipped back to the previous day. it just seemed a bit odd and didnt quite sit right with me. Perhaps if there was a longer pause before we go back to the previous day. I think the trimming of short round was just about right. I do like his character a lot, although he can be a bit much at times. Good trims. Same goes for Willy. very good trims. IMHO, I felt like the dinner scene was trimmed a bit too much. Not necessarily because I missed these scenes, but there seems to now be a bit of a continuity issue when Indy brings Willy the plate of fruit. Why is she so ravished? we dont know why exactly. Maybe that should have been trimmed a bit more if the dinner scene was trimmed so heavily. Another thing I missed was the thugee victom getting his heart ripped out. IMO, it really adds to the evil feel of the thugees. This is just my preference though. The edit worked fine without it, I just like it in there. I dont want to stress on these things too much. Almost all of the editing choices I thought were fantastic, and this was highly enjoyable. I recommend it to fans of the series. 4 out of 5 for me

DVD PRESENTATION: I LOVE the main menu!!! really cool. nice layout and video. The chapter menus had a bit to be desired. There were just so many chapters on the 2 pages that it was hard to really tell which chapter you were choosing. Fewer with numbers or titles would have been an improvement, but still good overall DVD. 4 out of 5.

So to sum it all up, this is a 4 of 5 for me, and close to a 5! If you like Indiana Jones, grab this edit!!

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