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just got done watching this one.
i had to have the cut list beside me because (other than classic lines/moments) i didn't notice anything missing. no jump cuts, no weird audio pops or fades.
there was only one way to quick moment of Connery at the end just before he whispers the name of God spelling bee trial. otherwise, all the cuts were terrific.
i really didn't notice either the continuity errors pointed out in other reviews.
i HATE silly one liners and vaudeville bits in movies, so this version of my favorite Indy film makes it even better.
i'm giving this a 10 across the board because i'm comparing it to the source and it's utterly solid from start to finish. the credits made are really nice and the end credit character montage is fun too. nice little addition there.
it would be nice if Droid would revisit this treatment in HD and maybe throw in some special features like some editing artists do now. but given it's release date, i understand why it's pretty bare, so i didn't let that effect my rating.
this edit accomplished exactly what was intended and it's appreciated.
poor Marcus.

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