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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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February 24, 2009

great execution. the opening scene works even though it feels a bit rushed (because of the lack of young indiana) but otherwise works great. the new title sequence works well and is pretty fun (as well as the end credits, good job).

most of the edits were of superfluous, silly or unfunny bits – however, i think that a few should be left for continuity. (in addition to removing some bits that seemed to be “missed” in cutting.

i missed a few scenes and their removal was distracting… like: “my soul is prepared, is yours”, the dogfight scene, no ticket, and his dad’s speech at the cliff, when it comes down to it, i think the last crusade HAS to be >slightly< slapstick for it to work, however, clearly a lot of folks have found in this edit to improve on the original, but it is just too drastic for me. perhaps it is just nostalgia… ?

other than that, the continuity issues (how did indy get in the castle? what happened to the planes tail? where is the second plane? why are henry and marcus in the tank? etc.) ARE distracting.

edits that i REALLY liked were how the fireplace scene is reworked, elsa’s character is minimized and the more annoying bits from henry/sean connery are eliminated. however, i think this could easily be improved.

entertainment 8
fanediting 10
video 9
audio 8 (it seems to go quieter at times and the dialogue is way too low ?)
original 8
fanedit 7

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