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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
August 25, 2008

InfoDroid is my own personal savior. His cut of Last Crusade ROCKS! Everyone can agree that Raiders of the Lost Ark is a perfect film but there are few definite opinions when it comes to the sequels. Most hate Temple of Doom (whereas I love it) and think that Last Crusade is a “return to form.” I, however, have always found the third entry to be overly silly and an insult to Marcus Brody. Thankfully, ID has saved us all that embarassment with this marvelous, and now definitive, cut. Seriously, can we petition Spielberg and Lucas to release this version on Blu-ray? No matter what you think of Last Crusade, you owe it to yourself as an Indy fan to check out this cut. ID has made the bold choice to cut the Young Indy stuff, and it’s hardly missed. It was just a shortened pilot for the awful TV series anyway. But, as mentioned before, ID’s most important contribution to the world of Indiana Jones is his treatment of Marcus Brody. Why Spielberg and Lucas felt it necessary to push Brody to the ground and kick him continuously is beyond me but ID has extended his hand and lifted him up, giving him back (most of) his dignity. I still wish the line about him getting lost in his own museum were gone but beggers can’t be choosers. If this cut is any indication of ID’s power, I wholeheartedly await his inevitible Crystal Skull edit because while Last Crusade is flawed, Crystal Skull is downright insultingly bad. If anyone can give Indy back his dignity, it’s Infodroid. In fact, despite my love for all things Temple of Doom, I think I might even check out his cut of that film out of respect for this gift he has given us. Thank you, InfoDroid … and thanks for the shout-out on the DVD menu.
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