Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The Essential Edition

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Across the board better than the original, and on the whole better than any other Indy 4 fanedit.

Q2 strikes the best balance of action, quest, and laughs. A telling example of humor is Q2's inclusion of "... teacher?" "Part-time." Other editors found it cheesy and cut it. Q2 not only kept the line, but improved on it (by using the take used in the trailer)! Is it cheesy? Sure, but we all laughed at it in the cinema. It reaffirms that Indy is back, the same hero who charmed us with his over-the-top yet irresistible "Trust me".

The visual edit of the FBI debriefing is perfect, enabling the bomb topic to be removed without any odd cut. The wedding improvement is brilliant, making us focus all the more on their facial expressions (we all know the gist of the words anyway).

I would have preferred no monkeys and vines, but within Q2's decision to keep some of that the result is intelligently done. Mud goes into a tree, Mud swings out of a tree.

My two requests are: give us your edit in glorious 1080p, and improve the waterfall sequence like NJVC's Raiders of the Lost Skull.

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