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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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March 21, 2010

I was very pleased with this edit.

My first thought with the open was that I didn’t like how the gopher mound appears to start falling apart on its own before getting run over. But as I thought about it, it’s actually quite clever. The gopher is starting to come up, but is run over by the car. If you hate the gophers, it doesn’t get any better than that :)

The warehouse works pretty well, but I would have liked a few more cuts. Mainly more Mac dialogue (You don’t know him!), Indy’s rope swing where he doesn’t reach Spalko the first time, and maybe a little more mystery with the box (don’t show the alien at all?).

The nuclear test scenes aren’t missed at all in this edit, and it saves us from watching the fridge.

My biggest gripe with the motorcycle chase is that the statue head gag remains – I always hated that.

The jungle chase works pretty well. Thank goodness the Tarzan scene is gone, although Mutt still somehow catches up with the jeep by swinging down from the trees. I think cutting around that part might work better. I like what was done with the ants – it’s nice not seeing them actually carry the Russian up and into the anthill.

I loved most of the waterfall sequence, especially now that we don’t have to see the ridiculous bit where the duck lands in the tree. Glad to hear you’re taking another look at the end part of the sequence – if you can make it flow a bit better, it will be perfect.

I would have liked to see a little less of Mac at the end (if possible), and I would like Spalko’s demise being a bit more ambiguous instead of the face melt, but otherwise the end sequences worked well.

I loved how the wedding played with just music. A nice end to the edit.

The text commentary was a neat feature. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more detail in it, but it was fun to have on while I watched the movie.

Overall this was a really good edit. My complaints are all minor, and really just come down to personal preference rather than any problems. Thanks for making Indy 4 enjoyable, and I look forward to the AVCHD :)

8/10 Frinks

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