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(Updated: October 03, 2018)
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Really need to get to bed so this will be a very quick review after literally just watching this edit and hopefully I can come back and edit it another evening with some clearer and more concise detail and account of my opinion on this edit.

This is the first fan fix of KOTCS I've watched but straight away from other reviews and my own enjoyment of this edit (a surprise to me after remembering my utter disappointment of the theatrical version), I already know it will be one of my favourite edits if not my go to edit for this movie. Basically it turned a face palm inducing session into an enjoyable 1.5ish hours of returning to the world of IJ as I knew it and I really enjoyed myself most of the way through, even the flying saucer ending which on my original viewing was lame in the extreme but somehow works now in this edit.

There were a couple of bits I would have seen cut out still or edited differently (subjective personal preference), a few cuts earlier in the film were pretty obvious and there was one section where the music dipped quite low for a few seconds before rising back up to normal level and was probably the most distracting thing about the edit along with the scene were Jones is getting interrogated and the image basically turned all white but there was still shape to it so you could make out what was happening.

All up it turned a IJ theme park ride with complimentary but lame as hell humour from the operating staff back into an actual IJ movie that for a while I actually lost myself in and again found myself enjoying a new if rather derivative story in that world I suddenly recognised once all the distracting and over the top fluff was stripped away. It really appears in this case that there was a good movie hiding somewhere inside there and Q2 has done an excellent job in bringing it to the fore.

I plan to watch TM2CY's and NJVC's edits next and it will be quite interesting to compare back to this one.

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