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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Recut by 15MaF
September 11, 2018    
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The highlight of this Indy edit has to be the mesmerizing glow of its Nixie tube clock. This tiny detail shows 15MaF's eye for detail, skill, and love for the period material. Another fine example is the small improvement of added music to Indy's escape from crushing cogs at the movie's end. The selection and execution reveal that 15MaF loves the sound of Indiana Jones as well as its visuals. An example of improved pacing is the waterfall (one time she drops, thank you very much!), where 15MaF creates a drop that's better than the original or any other edit I've seen. This edit made me look at KotCS with fresh eyes, with improvements I hadn't seen or thought of before.

With such enjoyable improvements, is this the holy grail of Indy 4 edits? Alas, no. Not for me. Despite top marks for audio, video, and pacing, many small trims make the narrative truncated. One example is Spalko's introduction. To move along the pacing, we lose so many details in her exchange with Indy that its coherence is diminished: missing information, and lines that feel like reactions except they are no longer counterpoints to the actions that originally preceded them.

Indy's KotCS - Non Paternal Cut shows great skill and respect for the source material. I look forward to 15MaF's next edits!

Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time lapis-molari.

I'm particularly chuffed that you enjoyed the additional music. There were a few moments that were really D.O.A before throwing in a little fanfare or some stirring/building strings.

Appreciate the high score too. Narrative pros and cons aside it's very rewarding to see the technical side is up to scratch.


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