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Whilst I was too young to see the originals in theatres, I grew up with them on home video and they were my go to films, second behind the Superman series when I was looking for fun and adventure. I actually enjoyed Indiana Jones 4 when I first saw in the theatre. However on repeated viewings of the Crystal Skull I realised it was the experience of seeing Indy on the big screen that I enjoyed rather than the movie itself.

Could Indiana Jones 4 be saved? TM2YC's fan edit of the Crystal Skull seemed like a good place to start.

With 30 minutes cut this isn't a conservative edit. TM2YC felt the middle of the film had too much exposition, as a result extensive cuts are made. However I always found the drawn out action towards the end to be the real downer.

Despite a cool transition from the warehouse scene to Indy on the train I felt too much set-up was missing and that we arrived at the third act too quickly.

That said there's plenty to like in this edit. Most of what fans would call offensive has been removed, though I would have liked to see no monkeys and Jeep sword fighting and the post credits wedding scene felt a little tacked on.

Picture quality is great with improved colour design and less overblown saturation and the editing was pretty much faultless. Overall a very solid fan edit.

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