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(Updated: January 03, 2014)
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Like most - KoTCS - I try to make believe it doesn't exist. There's no fourth film in my world. I'd watched a couple edits and they were still full of issues I hated. So I noted the film was on last night and thought, isn't there a new edit out there? Which is getting the hightest ratings?

Turns out it's TM2YC.

Had high hopes for this edit and I have to say, overall, this is a great improvement over the original film. Massive sequence removals just go to prove that they weren't needed at all. (I've always hated Boomtown) - but the removals of interrogation and university were the most bold and totally not missed.

I completely forgot about the goafers. Didn't even notice!

Edit wise, I noticed nothing abrupt or jarring. Picture is good. There may have been a few audio transitions that were a little notable, but then I'm looking for those things.

The film does feel a little short now and moves at quickened pace, perhaps a little faster than the first three Indy films. There's no pondering moments or pause for reflection, but then that wasn't the editors intention. I enjoyed it, but it won't get more than an 8, as I don't like the story that much. I will say that I though the ending was a little abrupt and of course because it's not standard for post credits sequences in Indy films - I didn't know it was there. (BTW - why does Jim Broadbent get a credit???)

If you're looking for an edit of this 4th installment of Indy that you won't hate - you can't go wrong here. Well done.

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