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(Updated: September 02, 2013)
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A very cool Indiana Jones edit.

Having in mind to make a Indy 4 fanedit myself I wanted to check an edit that removes so much exposition scenes. The pace is indeed excellent while keeping the good elements. It definitely was a good idea.
I found some tiny continuity "problems" with some of the cuts, specialy during the first part, but in the end they more or less all are good use of the "lesser of two evils" principal.
I would have kept the Russians killing the US soldiers at the beginning though. Now, maybe they have false pass and can get to the restricted area, but I think the movie somehow needs the Russians killing people.
Video quality of the DVD is good. Although even if the color correction is nice, some faces are a little white looking to me now, maybe just a bit more saturation would have been cool, just my taste.
I did not notice any jarring audio transitions. All pretty smooth.
Can't rate the enjoyment more than 8 cause there are still some things that I can't enjoy in this Indy 4 version. But 8 is pretty strong for this movie anyway, lol.
I also liked the way the monkeys scene was done. Does not bother me as much as the original.
(But one thing that I don't like in the original is still there: Indy's car is way ahead Spalko after Mutt met the monkeys, while before that Indy was way behind. And I understand she wants to get them off the cliff but since she have the skull at that moment and had the lead of the chase one minute earlier, it just looks odd to see her chasing Indy. Just a pev peeve of mine concerning the original.)

I recommand this edit if you want a better paced Indy 4, that feels more like an adventure ride rather than people explaning what this is all about (and confusing the audience even more by the way!)

A nice watch for Indy's fans.

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