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Ah, the cheesy, '90s time capsule that is Roland Emmerich's Independence Day. I know it's ludicrous, stupid and cliche but I still love this movie for it's upbeat/fun atmosphere that's celebrated throughout. That said, there are instances of pointless scenes and characters, as well as moments that just drag down the movie in 180 degree somber tone. For anyone who agrees with me on this, thecuddlyninja's edit deals with all of those problems, giving us the un interrupted theme park ride we all wanted. Overall, the source file works pretty well aside from occasional artifacting say in the background, though thankfully it never ruins the quality or detail. Visual editing is smooth and seamless as it should, as if it were always that way. Audio editing overall is good, albeit several small cases of abruptness or sfx/music bleeding into the next scene. It's not a deal breaker, because again the goal here is achieved and is a very good example of how a proper ID4 edit should be like.
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