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This was a really enjoyable fanedit. I mean sure, there's a lot of great character building moments that have been sacrificed, but this doesn't really need them. What remains is a wonderful action-packed popcorn movie.

Editing was great, only a couple cuts that felt a little abrupt. I will say though, you should have cut Russell in the final fight. I mean, I understand you can't see his face, but it's such a distinct voice that I said, "Oh cool, the random hobo that gave Will Smith a ride to Area 51 was recruited to fly a fighter jet."

Recommended for anybody wanting to rewatch ID4 or just looking for a fun action movie.

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Owner's reply July 09, 2015

Thanks for watching! I'm happy that you enjoyed it. I didn't miss much of the character stuff, either.

I actually originally experimented with removing Russell completely but what I found was that it felt weird focusing only on the President and the other random pilot guy in the battle for Earth,e ssentially. I then trimmed some of the random pilot guy and was left with too much focus on just the President (in my opinion). I decided the lesser of two (or three) evils was to have all the pilots in the mix, and hope that you would forget hearing Randy Quaid's distinctive voice for the one line earlier. :)

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