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FanFix August 11, 2012 1244
(Updated: September 12, 2012)
February 14, 2012

Sorry but I didn’t think much of this one. Narratively, it works well for the most part, we don’t need the prologue to set the story in motion and the bits you excised along are not missed. However, when you place the removed prologue at the end, it has the effect of stopping the movie dead cold with the “introduction” of things we already know at that point. It should have been heavily trimmed IMO. Also, I regret you cut out the final scene. Ending the movie with the theater poster is kinda “huh?”

The worst problem, however, is the sub-par video quality. It’s interlaced, letterboxed, heavily pixelated, and too dark. One can barely see what’s happening in some of the darker moments. Audio-wise, there’s a hard cut 42 minutes into the film, after Sutter’s line “Do you like my ending?”.

I know this edit is five years old already, and I feel kind of bad pointing this stuff out now, but since there was no other comment I thought it might be informative. I also wish I could rate it higher, but 4/10 from me.
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