In Dreams – Somber Edition

In Dreams – Somber Edition
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This enhances the overall quality of the original by tweaking it a little bit, especially the ending.
In all, I think the changes, although extremely brief, move the film into more somber territory (Hence the edit name).
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The brief changes (Original runtime: 1:35:30 – New runtime: 1:29:50, Cuts totalling 5 mins 40 secs):

Two new music tracks have been integrated into the film. Both have been integrated into what I felt were key scenes where the music involved would help effect the mood. The first (1.) is into the scenes leading upto Rebecca’s disappearance and the second (2.) is into the scenes following the discovery of Rebecca’s body. I’m very happy with the results – in my view, they work well.

1. Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings – Performed by the ‘Trinity College’

2. Vide Cor Meum – Performed by ‘Danielle de Niese’ and ‘Bruno Lazzaretti’ (written by ‘Patrick Cassidy’ for the film Hannibal)

The scenes when Claire (Annette Bening) chucks a load of apples into the waste disposal has always annoyed me as it was simply ridiculous and is often mentioned in negative reviews (Rightly so) so I have removed the Apple juice eruption and scenes surrounding it and tried to make this as seamless as I can by cutting frames and using fades (In and out). I’m not totally happy with it, but this part of the edit was taking a horrendous amount of time and I was getting nowhere pretty slowly. But, I still greatly prefer this than the Apple juice eruption so I don’t consider it to be all bad.

The ending has always irritated me. It was going so well and heading towards the bleak and dark ending that the entire film was building towards………and then it fluffs it with a typical Hollywood tacked on finale. I have trimmed this and it now feels much more in tune with the rest of the film. I prefer it.
Cover art by Zebedee & ThrowgnCpr (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
May 20, 2010

Sorry I can’t rate this higher, but your fade-out-fade-in “solution” looked terrible and totally took me out of the movie. I’d rather see an absurd sequence than such an amateurish attempt to hide the seams, which only succeeds in putting neon signs all around them. I liked your other changes, particularly the ending, but I honestly can’t give this anything over 5/10.
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