Immortal Story: Extended Cut Reconstruction, The

Immortal Story: Extended Cut Reconstruction, The
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Brief Synopsis:
This project takes the Criterion blu-ray for Orson Welles' 1968 film 'The Immortal Story' and conforms it frame-by-frame to the longer cut, blending in the missing 4-minutes of footage, re-framing every shot and attempting to upscale and grade it to match.
The Criterion restored blu-ray looks fantastic but it only included one of the two available English Language cuts. I'd owned the old Madman Entertainment DVD for years, so I was quite surprised to find the new release was a different and much shorter cut. I'm not even sure why there are two cuts, it's possible one is a shorter TV cut and one is a longer theatrical print? I immediately wanted to reconstruct the other version, so I'd have the option of viewing both, without needing to compromise too much on viewing quality (The old DVD looks pretty poor).
Other Sources:
- The Immortal Story (2016 R1 Criterion blu-ray)
- The Immortal Story (2010 R4 PAL Madman DVD)
Release Information:
Special Features
- 3.4GB 1280x720 MP4 448 AC3
- Adrian Martin commentary speed corrected and included as a bonus audio track.
Editing Details:
- PAL DVD slowed back down to "film speed".
- Blu-ray conformed frame-by-frame to the DVD editing pattern.
- Blu-ray shots individually re-framed to match wider DVD aspect-ratio.
- DVD shots graded to match Criterion colour timing.
- Splice jumps at the start and end of all DVD shots manually corrected.
- Blended DVD and blu-ray footage with cross-fades.
- Recreated missing single frames with a mix of DVD and blu-ray material.
- Fixed a few minor audio defects.
- Re-timed lip movement on one long shot because it was 100% out but was not previously noticeable on the fuzzy DVD transfer (this is the only revisionist change I made).
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Short and Long Cut Comparison (ungraded)

The Immortal Story: Extended Cut Reconstruction

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