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Identity Extended Fan Edit
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Re-inserted the four deleted scenes to give a more rounded experience.
Using the already extended cut of the film that comes on the retail DVD, I decided to re-insert the four deleted scenes back into the film.
Cuts and Additions:
- after the newly married couple arrive at the motel they quickly acquire a room for the night,in the original scene they walk into their room and close the door and the next scene starts, now a deleted scene shows the couple in the room arguing about the hooker and her husband looking at her boobage :), the hooker comes to the door complaining of the noise and said he was looking... quite a funny scene as the guy is busted for looking :)
- after ed (john cusack) has stitched up the neck of the dying woman it cuts to the woman's child looking out the window at a convict being escorted by a cop,the deleted scene shows the convict getting out of the car and cop trying to find a secure room to place him in, i thought it was a better introduction to the convict and there is another boob joke :)
- after the actress is killed in the rain, ed wakes up to the sound of a scream, he goes outside to investigate and immediately finds the trail to the body, i didn’t like this so the deleted scene adds more of ed investigating the noise and checking in on the other motel guests before he finds the clues, more realistic in my mind.
- this is a very minor addition, it basically alters a scene where the mental guy is being questioned by some guys, we see ed strapped to a chair, he is shown a mirror where he sees his real reflection, the original shows ed freaking out in the chair, the deleted scene cuts this and shows the guys real face and him freaking out.
Cover art by Dluppers (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
July 30, 2009

I am an extended edition buff and have a big collection of original ones and all the fanedits from here.
Many extended editions do not add anything to the movie, just add more useless scenes. I will rate the ones here.
Rating criteria: image quality, sound quality, 3x improvement, overall.
Image Quality: 9 of 10
Sound Quality: 8 of 10
Improvement: 4 of 10
Overall: 6 of 10
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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
April 29, 2009

it feels a little strange to brand an extended movie as a fanedit (intro, credits, etc.) but i’ll bite.

all of these deleted scenes are great and why they aren’t included in the movie proper is beyond me.

unfortunately, the DVD is not well mastered. there seems to be a fluttering image (top of image is constantly changing pixel height) and the quality is sub-par for a full DVD.

as is : 6
fixed : 8
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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
October 5, 2008

I enjoyed the movie Identity but felt some parts were rushed as well as the overall movie experience, this edit changed that for me. I enjoyed the extra scenes and in the end it did feel like a more well-rounded film. Also on a side note the cover designed for this is much better than the actual DVD cover itself (who the hell decided on that one?!). Good job Dluppers.
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