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Oh yes! This is terrific. Icarus makes this Bond film not just acceptable, this edit makes it enjoyable!

Compliments on the narrative. Tightening the pace is spot on for what I'd expect of Bond. Reducing the quantity of gags improves the quality of what stays and brings balance to the action and humor. Cutting the ice-glider chase is seamlessly executed and removes many annoyances.
Compliments on the video editing. I watched this edit and the original side-by-side, otherwise I wouldn't have known where the cuts lined up.
Compliments on the audio editing. Equally seamless except for one edit: "Bitch". LastSurvivor, you already point this out in your commentary. If your software can do it, perhaps slow down that one word of audio (without changing the pitch) to draw it out a bit more? In "Read this. Bitch." emphasis is on "this", making the delivery of "bitch" shorter than it might be as a stand-alone word.
Compliments on the audio commentary. What a luxury! Informative and insightful. Keep 'm coming.

My one disagreement is cutting Berry walking out of the surf. She looks gorgeous doing it. More importantly, it gives continuity to the gag when Craig walks out of the surf in his debut.

On a technical side note: Icarus is DVD resolution, I'd love it even more in HD. And it would be great to include subtitles. Perhaps there is software that can easily take the original subs and cut them with the video?

In conclusion: Does this replace the original? Absolutely yes. Does this improve my appreciation of Brosnan? Also yes.

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