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Who could have imagined? The abominable Die Another Day had a fun, entertaining Bond movie hidden behind it!

This edit is a revelation. After removing the stupid humor, the awful CGI, and the reference overload, the result is more than watchable. In this form it's no more the worst Bond film ever, which it used to be for me. I agree with all the choices Last Survivor has made here, including the Q scene, which is about right and nothing seemed missing or abrupt to me, so redoing it doesn't justify a version 2 for my tastes (and if "Saved by the bell" is put back as another reviewer sort-of requested, I'll quit watching LS edits forever ;) The only thing that felt off to me was Jinx's "Bitch!" after stabbing Miranda, which felt edited and incomplete because of the delivery. Everything else was perfectly done. And the audio commentary was, as usual, a more than welcome addition. It's just as entertaining as professionally released ones.

All in all, at last Brosnan's Bond has a non-embarrassing exit from the saga. Highly recommended to all Bond fans.

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