I, Zathras

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I, Zathras
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Original Release Date:
1994, 1996, 1997
Original Running Time:
172 minutes
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Fanedit Running Time:
30 minutes
Brief Synopsis:
I wanted to take the 3 time-travel episodes of Babylon 5 ('Babylon Squared' and 'War Without End' P1 and P2) and includes just the scenes from Zathras' perspective.
In the original series we watched Zathras out-of-sequence, across several time-lines and across years of the TV show. In this edit we experience what are actually just a few short hours from Zathras' perspective as he travels further and further back in time, with all the other events and characters occurring out of time. It might not always make sense to the viewer now but then it probably didn't always make sense to Zathras while it was happening to him... and I hope that craziness is part of the fun!

If Zathras wasn't in a scene then I cut it, unless it was 100% needed to advance the plot. I've also streamlined, condensed and altered a few plot elements to correct continuity errors in the sources and to remove the need for some non-Zathras elements.

It became clear that this idea wasn't possible to tell in 15 minutes (As there was far more Zathras material than I originally thought) so this is a failed attempt at a consecution entry.
Other Sources:
Babylon 5 Soundtrack
Special Thanks:
Always to J. Michael Straczynski for having this epic-vision of what TV could be.
Release Information
  • NTSC DVD-5
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Special Features
"MP4" is through Vimeo
Editing Details:
- TM2YC logo added
- New B5 style opening Credits created with audio-montage intro
- Roughly speaking the edit starts with 'War Without End' P1 and concludes with 'War Without End' P2 with footage from the earlier 'Babylon Squared' in the middle.
- Added freeze-frame end and memorial music sequence for the B5 cast members who've gone beyond the rim
- Appended a comedic epilogue of Zathras' brother from 1997's 'Conflicts of Interest' episode
I, Zathras
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